Silver Package

Whats included?

Our complimentary Silver Package is specifically designed for the growing small and medium sized business offering full flexibility for your needs.

PrimeHR Silver has an array of downloadable resources designed to provide you with a dependable toolkit for your growing business when HR is identified as a priority. This package will help to transform your HR administration by saving you time and money and enabling you to concentrate on the things you do best and enjoy about developing your business.

Whether you are hiring one employee or expanding your headcount having the right HR advice and documents is vital. For a low cost monthly payment our Silver Package builds on the resources within the Bronze package giving you easy access to forms, letters and checklists to create and maintain legally compliant personnel files and for building up a professional up to date library of key documents for your business.

You are guaranteed 100% compliance for any HR Audit.

In addition to our comprehensive introductory Bronze HR Business Package we also offer our 24/7 Employment Advice Line* which supports any additional questions or requirements you need.

With the flexibility to upgrade, view what is included in our other PrimeHR Business Packages.

*Offered on a pay as you need, at an hourly rate of £35 per hour or can be bolted on as an additional service with our Silver and Gold HR Business Support subscription packages. Minimum 12 months subscription. All prices are subject to the number of employees and size of business and offer unlimited call usage. Terms and Conditions apply.

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