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PrimeHR is a low-cost option for the small business owner who simply wants documents they can download in an instant and a helpline they can call if they need clarification or support with a legal matter. PrimeHR is committed to providing clients with all the essential documents they need, from employee contracts to redundancy procedures – we’re here to help.

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Are you a HR Consultant?

If you are HR Consultant that needs some easy to use documents and some expert advice then you might be interested in our HR Consultant Package!

This package comes with:
  • All of the Silver Documents
  • All of the Gold Documents
  • Our Expert HR Advice Line
  • All of our current tools and future features!
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What PrimeHR Does

We provide online memberships which allow you to read, edit and print your own copies of our easy-to-use HR documentation, ensuring you always have access to the most up to date templates. Along with our library of FREE resources, we also offer three levels of membership – Bronze, Silver and Gold – each of which contain a unique package of online resources to suit your HR needs.

What do our clients say about our Helpline?

“Advice just when I needed it” Jo rang about an employee who was in their probation and wasn’t performing, we discussed the role and what was needed, took time to understand the situation and then advised on the best course of action with a simple 4 stage plan.

What did Jo say a week later?

I couldn’t believe the difference in my team and how it felt to have a weight lifted off my shoulders. Thanks to PrimeHR, I had the confidence and knowledge to do what I needed and then I simply downloaded the right documents and then I dealt with the employee.

Often our clients don’t know where to turn and unlike other advice lines we understand what it is like to be a small business owner, worry about cash flow and fly by the seat of your pants, sometimes making hasty decisions you regret days later!

You can avoid having sleepless nights by talking to us, subscribing to the helpline and getting sensible advice that helps you manage legal & business risk.

Not Tied Down To Long Term Contracts, Cancel Anytime!

Easy Access To Editable HR Documents That Suit Your Business Needs

Access To Qualified and Professional HR Practitioners! Available 24/7

Flexible Packages That Will Support Your Business Growth


Our online Portal platform provides more than just documents, thanks to all the expertise and experience we have gathered over the years, we have been able to build a unique HR Management Experience. Design for small businesses who either are just starting off on their HR adventure or who are looking for a modern system that ticks all the boxes.

Template Documents

PrimeHR's original feature has only got better and better over the years. With more documents than ever before, with increased updates and reviews from our HR experts.

Our latest Documents portal now includes the ability to add your own values into variables across various templates. Making each download unique as well as standardised throughout your business.

To add to the customisation of each document, your company Logo is added by default to the top of the file making each download branding for your business. Or if you are just needing the document content then you can download the file as a basic editable format.

Check out our Documents to download our FREE files and find out which Document Package is right for you.

Secure Document Storage

Need a place to store a backup of all your downloaded policies, created contracts and business critical documents?

Our document storage system comes standard as part of our FREE Bronze package. Ensuring that a small Business owner can keep their costs low and all their business information is stored in one easy to access location.

Are you a PreciseHR Customer?

As part of PreciseHR's SmartHub offering, we have created a Secure Document Storage as part of our HR Platform. This has all the features of the PreciseHR SmartHub to ensure ease of use and familiar feel when moving over to PrimeHR.

Already got a whole bunch of documents in the PreciseHR SmartHub? No worries. Use our easy to ease importer to pull your documents from the SmartHub over to PrimeHR and continue your standard operating without any issues!

Employee Management

Employee Management is a key part of any business and an integral component in any HR journey. Our Employee Management system is designed for small businesses to be able to learn and develop their HR strategy as they work through employing their first employee or their 50th.

As we find and plan new features for our system, you will get automatic updates and access to latest features to support your HR journey. Some of our latest features include:

  • Flexible Working Manager
  • Policy Management
  • Payroll Journal
  • Absense Management
  • Employee Information

And more new features still to come as we develop and create more useful tools to help your business thrive and grow. Sign up now to starts using our FREE for Bronze Employee Management System.

Employee Portal

We know the struggles of keeping track of your employees during the workday in the modern age, especially with changes in remote working. In response to these growing changes, we have created an Employee Portal that allows your employee to manage their day-to-day.

Our Employee Portal allows your employees to clock-in and out for the day, request holidays and sign the company policies. From a manager and team leader point of view, you can also see your teams or departments absenses to plan ahead for the future.

Our Bronze package gives you 5 FREE Employees to help you start your HR Journey. Try it now and get your first employees signed up!

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